Buyback Program

We need you Ford vehicles in order to fulfill special pre-owned vehicle requests at your local dealership.

$2,000 Voucher Learn More

Why Have I Been Selected?

You have been recognized by Ford as a possible current owner of a Ford vehicle. With high trade-in value, we feel confident that you can make this exchange with little or no money down and a monthly payment that fits your budget.


Is This A Public Sale?

No. Due to the high demand for these vehicles and your ownership status, this program will not be advertised to the general public.


How Much Can I Save?

In addition to your $2000 savings voucher, you may be eligible for 0% Financing for 72 months and discounts of up to $10,000 in value.


How Long Do I Have?

The Access Code you received in the mail is valid for approximately 30 days. Please refer to the letter you received from us in the mail to verify how long you will be eligible for this exclusive program.

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